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Ebm-papst Benelux
Ebm-papst Benelux, Beek en Donk, The Netherlands
Adidas Flagship Store
Beijing, China
AKD Luxury Car Mall
Shenzhen, China
Stylish lighting that creates the perfect atmosphere for your guests
Professional lighting design for vehicle showrooms that enhances customer experience.
Partnering with AMAZON to meet their Complex Lighting Needs.
Signature lighting for landmark shopping.
Letting products shine, helping customers buy.
Yangon’s first international retail experience
Herfy is Saudia Arabia’s largest fast food restaurant company, and the biggest food services provider in the Middle East.
It delivers dramatic and glamorous lighting to entertainment spaces.
Spar is a famous food supermarket chain which owns 800 stores in South Africa.
The AKD Luxury Car Mall is a 100,000m2 mall dedicated to second-hand cars.
Keen D’zzit's fresh new take on Chinese womenswear focuses on bright colors to bring out the individuality of the modern urban Chinese woman.
Jiuzhou, a well-known domestic supermarket chain in China, needed a renovation.
Opple illuminates Joy City in cooperation with Beijing Guangyuan Architectural Decoration Co.
One Mall is one of Shenyang’s premier mall spaces – owned by Aishide Industry, the sole agent of Sony Ericsson, Apple and Samsung in China.
Yishion is a well-known Chinese clothing brand with over 1,000 outlets in Mainland China in addition to outlets in South East Asia, the Middle East...