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Ebm-papst Benelux

OPPLE solution: 
OPPLE enabled emb-papst to test various LED solutions to make the best choice based on the situation in the office. As a result, ebm-papst has chosen for LED Panel Grille with DALI and Downlight HR. Director Ad van Nistelrooy was impressed: “The entire office area has been fitted with OPPLE luminaires. We opted for a colour temperature of 4000K. This is nice, bright white light, flicker-free, and it creates a calm environment for our junior associates, who read a lot from monitors as part of their work.”
Ebm-papst Benelux, Beek en Donk, The Netherlands
The new building required an energy efficient, stable and simple to control lighting solution. The colour of the light was extremely important, as it had to follow contemporary insights into its influence on a positive state of mind and productivity.
After three months of comprehensive testing, the customer was amazed by the excellent quality and A ++++ energy label, which is currently the highest rating for an energy-efficient solution.