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Yemen Company for Flour Mills & Silos

OPPLE solution: 
YCFMS needed a complete redesign of their existing lighting throughout the large factory to improve the working environment and reduce operating and maintenance costs. There were several key factors to consider in a replacement lighting design. Firstly, local power supplies can be unreliable. To reduce ongoing maintenance and repairs, YCFMS needed lighting fixtures that had a high tolerance for fluctuating voltages. Secondly, the factory is strategically located at the port. The combination of high summer temperatures and increased humidity around the site meant that all lighting solutions had to work flawlessly even in these extreme conditions. Finally, the factory’s main output is wheat flour and related products. These are susceptible to increased deterioration in the elevated temperatures caused by inefficient traditional metal halide units. A low-heat alternative was therefore vital. OPPLE’s design and engineering team provided a complete factory-wide lighting solution for YCFMS’s large factory. This included illumination for external walkways and all internal spaces, including workshop, warehouse, and office areas. For outside areas, the LED Streetlight Performer was used. These high-lumen output fixtures have an anti-glare design that ensures full illumination with maximum comfort and safety for pedestrians and drivers. Their rugged design means they can perform in all conditions, including extremes of heat, moisture, and dust. In the office areas, OPPLE engineers designed the perfect light environment for workers using LED Slim Downlight Ecomax II, LED Slim Panel Ecomax II and LED Utility Strip Double Line HV. Careful placement and combinations of these fixtures provided excellent levels of flicker-free illumination that contribute towards improved concentrations and comfort for staff. In the warehouse, OPPLE replaced the existing metal halide highbay fixtures with OPPLE’s LED Highbay Performer. These provide high levels of flicker-free illumination that improve the comfort, accuracy, and mood of warehouse staff. An additional benefit is the much lower heat output from OPPLE LED luminaires. This lowers the ambient temperature, improving the product quality and storage life. The factory’s workshop area sees employees using machinery and tools, so excellent lighting was imperative. OPPLE’s engineers chose the LED Utility T8 Tube Double Ends for use in the entire area. These provided a full spread of illumination to all areas of the workshop, enhancing safety and comfort for the workers. All OPPLE LED products are highly efficient, and this has resulted in immediate savings on energy costs for YCFMS, particularly as the factory is fully lit for many hours each day. Ongoing savings are also assured thanks to the long lifespan of OPPLE’s products and their ability to perform correctly even under conditions of unstable electrical supply.
Aden, Yemen
The Yemen Company for Flour Mills & Silos (YCFMS) is based in the AlMualla’a district of Aden, the main port city in Yemen. The company operates one of the largest and most advanced modern factories in the country, covering over 90,000 square meters and employing over 550 workers.
OPPLE’s design team have given them the perfect all-in-one solution for their factory. All aspects of their brief have been met or exceeded. They are seeing immediate reductions in their energy bills, their warehouse is much cooler thanks to LED highbay technology, and the quality and brightness of lighting is improved everywhere in the factory.