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Mistico Equestrian Center

OPPLE solution: 
The three sections of the Mistico Equestrian Center have tall ceilings. This required luminaires with a high lumen output to ensure that from 10 meters up there would be enough light to properly illuminate the large indoor event spaces. The aesthetics of the fixtures was a top priority, as they had to match the elegance of the venue.
Cape Town, South Africa
For Michael Hall, General Manager of the Mistico Equestrian Centre, form and function were the lighting priorities for his horse riding venue. The centre is located outside of Cape Town, South Africa and was designed specifically for large-scale horse riding competitions. Additionally, the venue can be rented out to accommodate any indoor event including exhibitions, weddings, conferences, concerts, and corporate functions of any kind. The Mistico lighting project demanded luminaires that could rise to any occasion.
The existing 400W metal-halide highbay fixtures were replaced with OPPLE 200W LED Highbay Performers, resulting in a significant reduction in energy consumption and increased product lifespans. Additionally, OPPLE’s LED Highbay Performer’s are available with three different light distribution options. Using fixtures with beam angles and light intensity settings that are ideal for different ceiling heights and building layouts reduces the number of luminaires required to light a space. OPPLE’s LED Highbay Performer luminaries consume up to 56% less energy than comparable metal-halide highbays. The product also has a highly effective heat management system that ensures stability and longevity—a 50,000 hour lifespan to be exact. LED is a long-term investment that will pay off for years to come.