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Al Thaghr Plaza

OPPLE solution: 
Al Thaghr’s “low-rise” concept brings with it plenty of outdoor parking, and the developer has built an access road all around the site to allow for multiple entries and exits to the site and easy vehicle movement within it, as well as convenient access for service and delivery vehicles. Large sections of the access road run between the main mall building and a high boundary wall, and traditional street lighting was not bright enough to provide the safe and welcoming after-dark driving experience that the developers required. Al Thaghr Plaza turned to OPPLE for a high output, fully weatherproof solution that would provide excellent performance coupled with a long service life and reduced running costs. OPPLE’s IP65-rated and patented LED Flood Light Performer was the perfect choice to meet the challenge of providing safe vehicle access around the mall. By using a powerful 50W LED, OPPLE's LED Flood Light Performer ensure exceptionally bright and clear illumination. The flexible installation angle can be adjusted precisely to meet the client’s needs. Being fully IP65 rated they perform perfectly in all weather conditions (including high dust environments), and their effective heat dissipation design gives them class-leading lifespans in excess of 25,000 hours. The stylish design compared to traditional outdoor flood light luminaires means the OPPLE LED Flood Light Performer blends seamlessly with the building’s design aesthetic. Finally, with savings of 50% on running costs compared to traditional flood lights, the LED Flood Light Performer is the perfect economic choice for modern external lighting.
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Al Thaghr Plaza Mall is a brand-new commercial shopping centre that has recently opened in the Hiteen area of Riyadh, in Saudi Arabia. Servicing an affluent clientele, this shopping and recreation venue has a wide range of high-end outlets, including luxurious restaurants, quality supermarkets, and cutting-edge fashion retailers, as well as bookstores, upmarket cafés, and more. As well as a separate external food outlet area, the mall has outdoor parking, and access roads that run the perimeter of the site. Being open 24 hours means lighting plays a vital part in the aesthetics, comfort and safety of the whole site.
The LED Floodlight Performer from OPPLE gives their outdoor areas the safe, bright lighting they need. Not only do they provide superb light, but they look good too.