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Privacy Policy

• Scope

The Privacy Policy applies to OPPLE's global websites. OPPLE shall respect and protect your privacy. The Privacy Policy interprets OPPLE's collection and use of information and data. By visiting this site, you agree to each of the terms and conditions set forth herein.

• Personal information

Generally, you do not need to provide your name or other personal information to access to our web sites. In some cases, such as processing orders, contacting with you, providing services or handling job applications, we might need you to provide information and you can decide whether to provide it.

• Use of Your Information

Your information will only be used by OPPLE and its related parties.
For contact, customer satisfaction survey, market research or handling of affairs
For collection of demand information feedback
For inviting you to participate in activities organized by OPPLE
For processing your job application

• Safety of Personal Information

Your information will be held in confidence. We are obliged to adopt necessary safety measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use or leak.

• About Cookie

When you visit this site, we might store information as 'Cookie' in your computer. Cookie is a small text file stored by the web server on your computer. It cannot run programs or transmit virus to your computer. It is used to save your time for accessing web pages rather than acquiring your personal information. You can either accept or reject 'Cookie'.

• Non-OPPLE Site Links

This site might contain links of other sites. OPPLE is not liable for privacy terms or content on the other sites.

• Modification of Privacy Policy

OPPLE has the right to modify and interpret the Privacy Policy and will update and disclose the terms from time to time. Undated Updated terms take effect from the date of issue. Please visit the website regularly to understand the latest terms.

• Contact Information

You can contact with us through the contact methods set forth on this site for any questions and suggestion.