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How important is lighting design? Old factory turned into Google-style offices

Jul 19 2018

The old factory is turned into Google-style offices, becoming an attraction to many leading designers!

Recently, OPPLE Lighting, Alighting, as well as lighting and interior designers, went to the Noah Wealth

Headquarters building to investigate how lighting design could subvert tradition

and turn the old factory into Google-style offices.



The delegation made a two-hour on-site visit and three-hour discussion,

and unanimously applauded the lighting design.



Xie Maotang, President of the Chinese Lighting Designers Association (CLDA)

From the perspectives of design techniques and lighting methods, turning old factories

into office space will become a trend. Noah Wealth is a typical office renovation project,

which is in line with the modern trend and has many brilliant details.

There are many customized products applied to meet the space requirements.

For example, if natural light is needed for the spiral staircase,

we will make customized lighting products that meet the need.




Huang Desheng - Design Director of Shanghai Zhuohan Design

The core of the Noah Wealth design is to maximize the use of modern design techniques.

The application of a large number of ultra-thin LED line lights improves the sense of levels in the overall space.



Ni Bin - Design Director of Shanghai Pingang Lighting Design

In terms of the overall color temperature, each layer of space is clearly defined. You can feel

the light levels across the salon training, catering, conference room.



Lin Ying - Lighting Designer of OPPLE Lighting

Noah Wealth provides employees with an efficient, pleasant and unconventional Google-style office space,

which reduces fatigue, improves efficiency and positive energy.


 (Left) Ni Bin, Design Director of Shanghai Pingang Lighting Design Co., Ltd.

(Center) Xie Maotang, President of the Chinese Lighting Designers Association (CLDA)

(Right) Huang Desheng, Design Director of Shanghai Zhuohan Design



As China’s first international financial institution listed at the New York Stock Exchange,

Noah Wealth has chosen to headquarter in Shanghai, a city connected to the global market.


The headquarters building is divided into 6 floors of indoor space and 1 floor of roof garden.

The single floor area is about 2,600m2 and the total area is 15,600m2. However, due to

space constraints and lack of lighting, OPPLE Lighting faces many challenges in

providing lighting design services and lighting products.


•Challenge one

Multiple floors and complex space of the old factory


 •Challenge two

Small building spacing and poor lighting

Lack of natural light


 •Challenge three

Requirements of owner and interior designers:

Try to maintain the original building structure


 •Challenge four

The floor is only about 2 meters from the beam

The depth of the space is deeper and the feeling of depression is stronger.


 •Challenge five

More overall functional requirements

Requirement of recreational functions besides office needs


 •Challenge six

Lack of nature atmosphere

Prone to form a stressful working environment for employees


Under these difficult conditions, how can OPPLE Lighting provide satisfactory solutions?


Space 1: Lobby



In the case of limited lighting, OPPLE uses light and shadow to create light

and dark changes in a small space, and uses a luminescent film to embellish the pillars,

making a strong contrast of brightness to deliver a strong visual impact.


Space 2: Office Area



The first and second floors are poorly lit, so the two floors are mainly designed

to create a uniform and comfortable natural light environment;

the desks should be placed along the beams so that

normal activities can carried out away from under the beams.



The second to fourth floors have lower floor heights and deeper depths.

Therefore, plenty of ​​luminescent films are used above the spiral

staircase to create the effect of daylight infiltration.


Space 3: Meeting Room



Customized lighting designs for different functional requirements are adopted

in video conference rooms, boardrooms, multi-purpose conference rooms,

and regular conference rooms.


Space 4: Recreation



OPPLE has scientifically designed the lighting of the gymnasium, the salon, the time tunnel,

and the staff restaurant, etc., for the shift from the office area to the recreational area, 

creating a more humane and more comfortable lighting environment.


How do customized lighting produts cater to the new model of office?


During the renovation of the old factory building, OPPLE strived to exert

its exclusive customization ability to meet the needs of the client. For example, OPPLE covered

the ceiling with a luminous layer that would increase the height of the space.



Due to the building structure restrictions, it is necessary to make minimal change to the structure.

Given the working spot, the luminaires are arranged along the beams as much as possible.

The light distribution of the ceiling needs to be taken into consideration,

so it is necessary to select a luminaire with a wide illuminating surface but without glare.

To address this issue, OPPLE made a customized three-sided office chandelier.



OPPLE’s excellent lighting service and customized capabilities to transform the old factory into

Noah Wealth’s new headquarter office amazed our clients, and we will continue to make progress.

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